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Unplugged: Basically, Kant Was Right

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHmPNB5cf5Y [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHmPNB5cf5Y&fs=1[/youtube] …

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Vagabond Theorist: Introduction to the 2001 Edition of the I

Stumbleupon Review of : http://sites.google.com/site/vagabondtheorist/stirner/introduction-to-the-second-edition-of-the-italian-version-of-max-stirner-s-der-einzige-und-sein-eigentum Today, there are those who put the "rights of the individual" in the service of the market to justify exploitation once again. What these employees of opposed rackets didn't and don't want to see is … Continue reading

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bimble – Wiktionary

Stumbleupon Review of : http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bimble Verb Infinitive: to bimble Third person singular: bimbles Simple past: bimbled Past participle: bimbled Present participle: bimbling —————- to bimble (third-person singular simple present bimbles, present participle bimbling, simple past and past participle bimbled) 1. … Continue reading

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Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.sniggle.net/Experiment/index.php?entry=excerpts13 Talk about slavery! It is not the peculiar institution of the South. It exists wherever men are bought & sold — wherever a man allows himself to be made a mere thing — a tool … Continue reading

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Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.humphrey.org.uk/papers/1973IllusionOfBeauty.pdf The illusion of beauty “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” to the poet. But a biologist is bound, I think, to regard beauty–at least man-made beauty–as something closer to a lie. A lie, admittedly, of a … Continue reading

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I Also Dated Zarathustra

Stumbleupon Review of : http://consc.net/misc/zarathustra.html It’s not the questions that count, and it’s not exactly the answers. You ask a silly thing: “What kind of fruit would you be?” and you hope a voice on the other side of the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Principia Cybernetica Web

Stumbleupon Review of : http://pcp.vub.ac.be/ It’s 10pm, do you know where your epistemologies are? This is the website of the Principia Cybernetica Project (PCP), an international organization. The Project aims to develop a complete philosophy or “world-view“, based on the … Continue reading

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The International Fiction Review

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.lib.unb.ca/Texts/IFR/bin/get.cgi?directory=Vol.26/&filename=Stoltzfus.htm Camus and Hemingway: Suicide, Sisyphus, and the Leopard Ben Stoltzfus, University of California, Riverside Should a person commit suicide or not? To die or not to die, that is the question Albert Camus asks in … Continue reading

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Philosophical Warning Labels

Stumbleupon Review of : http://bertc.com/warning_labels.htm Philosophical Warning Labels Solipsism Warning: The consumer should be aware that he or she may be the only entity in the universe, and therefore that any perceived defects in product quality are the consumer’s own … Continue reading

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List of I Ching hexagrams 1-32 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stumbleupon Review of : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Ching_hexagram_22 22. Pi / Grace    above Kên Keeping Still, Mountain      below Li The Clinging, Flame   The Judgement Grace has success. In small matters It is favorable to undertake something. The Image Fire … Continue reading

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