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The Drill Down & Blog Archive & The Digg Community’s Concerns With…

Stumbleupon Review of : Top Digg users threaten to hold breath, throw toys out of pram, over algorithm changes that threaten their virtual monopoly over what gets to the front page. Full story at 11.

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Using Prototype and Scriptaculous with Greasemonkey –

Stumbleupon Review of : Adding Prototype and Scriptaculous to pages (without it already) using Greasemonkey. Imagine it should be possible to create a bit of code to auto-load all the goodies, although unfortunately it probably would need to be … Continue reading

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YouTube – Comfortably Numb

Stumbleupon Review of : We all are. For the most part. [youtube][/youtube]

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Loch Venacher and the Lake of Menteith.

Stumbleupon Review of : It was rather foggy yesterday, as can be seen in this pic and the ones after it in the gallery. I was stuck driving through it slowly while my bro was gallivanting around a couple … Continue reading

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Sopwith Camel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stumbleupon Review of : The Sopwith Camel. Famed among those who know of it 😀

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Tom Braun / DateTime-Fiction-JRRTolkien-Shire-0.02 –

Stumbleupon Review of : This is an essential bit of kit if you want your perl applications to run properly in Middle Earth. Example usage: use DateTime::Fiction::JRRTolkien::Shire; # Constructors my $shire = DateTime::Fiction::JRRTolkien::Shire->new(year => 1419, month => ‘Rethe’, day … Continue reading

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Architecture – Google Gears API – Google Code

Stumbleupon Review of : Invisible data layer.

Posted in Computing | Tagged | Leave a comment World Peace: The Childrens Dream: Books: Cheryl Melody

Stumbleupon Review of : “Availability: Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

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A.Word.A.Day –diurnation

Stumbleupon Review of : diurnation (dy-uhr-NAY-shuhn) noun The habit of sleeping or being dormant during the day. [From Latin diurnus (daily), from dies (day).]

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Stumbleupon Review of : Just set this up yesterday, rather than my previous configuration of Exim with a SpamAssassin router. It means I can now use a simple grep on the exim log file to see the ratio of … Continue reading

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