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So, with The Changes meaning that SU isn't really going to be a blogging environment any more, it looks like this blog will be relocating to here bunty.tumblr.com [bunty.tumblr.com] ).

The archives ) are already at su.blog.bunty.tv [su.blog.bunty.tv] [the backup plan to the backup plan].

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Programmer Day

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There is one kind of people in the world:

1) Those who number their arrays starting with one


1) Those who number their arrays starting with zero.

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See how fast wildfire spreads – Texas Parks and Wildlife…


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At The Berber Camp


A video I took while at a Berber/Taureg camp in the Sahara of their (now) traditional bluesy music.

And yes, I know the video itself is just an out of focus candle stuffed in sand in a water container, it was a bit dark.

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The View – Friend [Bread and Circuses]


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Abnormal service will be resumed….

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In Morocco at the moment.

Currently here,

but shortly, in the Sahara.

I may be slow to respond.

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Manchester Riots 2011: scenes from Whalley Range


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