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Telehack: May the command line live forever

Stumbleupon Review of : http://telehack.com/telehack.html Once all of this was green, as far as the eye could see…_

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Is Julian Assange on OKCupid? [PICS]

Stumbleupon Review of : http://mashable.com/2010/12/13/julian-assange-okcupid So, apparently I'm 95% compatible with J. Assange. ed: although really, taking the name of the creator of James Bolivar DiGriz strikes me as rank hubris. Bringing the deep dark secrets of the U.S. Government … Continue reading

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Live Backups of MySQL Using Replication – OReilly Media

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2005/06/16/MySQLian.html BSDM for replicant sys-admins.

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Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.wired.com/entertainment/theweb/magazine/17-09/ff_craigslist?currentPage=all The long-running tech-industry war between engineers and marketers has been ended at craigslist by the simple expedient of having no marketers. Only programmers, customer service reps, and accounting staff work at craigslist. There is no … Continue reading

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Journal of Information Architecture

Stumbleupon Review of : http://journalofia.org As we began digitizing our information sources and adding hyperlinks, the information slipped the bounds of physical constraint and started reassembling itself into other structures, many all at once. Still, our minds try to make … Continue reading

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Why cops should trust the wisdom of the crowds – life -…

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20327171.400-why-cops-should-trust-the-wisdom-of-the-crowds.html The "unruly mob" concept is usually taken as read and used as the basis for crowd control measures and evacuation procedures across the world. Yet it is almost entirely a myth. Research into how people … Continue reading

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Stumbleupon Review of : http://meme.boxofjunk.ws/ MY BEARD IS FULL OF WINDMILLS.

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Planetary-Scale Views on a Large Instant-Messaging Network

Stumbleupon Review of : http://research.microsoft.com/~horvitz/Messenger_graph_www.htm Planetary-Scale Views on a Large Instant-Messaging Network We present a study of anonymized data capturing a month of high-level communication activities within the whole of the Microsoft Messenger instant-messaging system. We examine characteristics and patterns … Continue reading

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Architecture – Google Gears API – Google Code

Stumbleupon Review of : http://code.google.com/apis/gears/architecture.html Invisible data layer.

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Flippr | beta

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.flippr.net/ Nice example of Drupal theming. Done in 5 days just to show what sort of things are possible.

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