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Goodnight Dune

Stumbleupon Review of : http://goodnightdune.com

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On the Borderland. (The sea drowns out humanity and…

Stumbleupon Review of : http://ontheborderland.tumblr.com/post/2624029347/the-sea-drowns-out-humanity-and-time-it-has-no The sea drowns out humanity and time. It has no sympathy with either, for it belongs to eternity; and of that it sings its monotonous song forever and ever. Oliver Wendell Holmes via.image

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Readers Digest : ASIAN of the year

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.rd-india.com/newsite/other/facetoface_dec10.asp "My philosophy in life is simple: If doing something makes you worried, then it must be a wrong thing. If it makes you happy, then you must have done the right thing. What others say … Continue reading

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The mystery of Zomia – The Boston Globe

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2009/12/06/the_mystery_of_zomia In Zomia's small societies, with their simple technologies, anti-authoritarian tendencies, and oral cultures, Scott sees not a world forgotten by civilization, but one that has been deliberately constructed to keep the state at arm's length. … Continue reading

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Jan 21: Reem’s story &

Stumbleupon Review of : http://talestotell.wordpress.com/2009/01/21/jan-21-reems-story/

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Inventors 2020 vision: to help 1bn of the worlds poorest see better…

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/dec/22/diy-adjustable-glasses-josh-silver

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THE FINAL INCH | a film by Irene Taylor Brodsky

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.thefinalinch.org/ “The Rule of the Final Inch consists in this: Not to shirk the critical work, not to postpone it… one’s purpose lies not in completing things faster, but in the attainment of perfection.“ – Alexander … Continue reading

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Best AFP photos 2007_English_Xinhua

Stumbleupon Review of : http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2007-12/06/content_7209538_11.htm An Iranian man waves a final good-bye to his relatives before being hanged, in Teheran, Aug. 2, 2007. Two men were hanged for murdering a judge in 2005. This was the first time Iran had … Continue reading

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What Future? Street Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo: V. Abuses

Stumbleupon Review of : http://hrw.org/reports/2006/drc0406/5.htm So anyway… the other day I got this thumb-solicitation for a site. Normally when I get these I just oblige: I visit, and thumb them down. But this one was different. It made me stop … Continue reading

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Cubas health care system is helping the worlds poor by Sarah van Gelder

Stumbleupon Review of : http://www.yesmagazine.org/article.asp?ID=1733 For decades, Cuba has sent doctors abroad and trained international students at its medical schools. But things ramped up beginning in 1998 when Hurricanes George and Mitch hammered Central America and the Caribbean. As they … Continue reading

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