smile, smile.

From the page: During the past 13 days, 700 000 lives left the south, with no specific place to go, without knowing when they will be coming back they just had to leave their homes to escape the Israeli attacks.

Schools are now their shelters, and according to the statistics, after the war ends, 60% of them have no home to go back to.

Refugees are everywhere, in every area and in every school, there’s a shelter. So please, put yourself in their worn out summer shoes for a minute – care enough to help


We(as in, people in the -so far- safe areas) are not better than them, just because they have no home and don’t wear the fanciest clothes, doesn’t make them less human. They are people who need help. People who lost their homes, and very possibly family members and friends… aside their religious or political beliefs (actually you will be shocked when u see how many of them don’t really care about the political issue.)


I took these pictures of the kids in one of the shelters in my area, to show the consequences of the attacks, and what it’s really like, when you’re left with absolutely nothing.

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