Mysterious Letters & Kickstarter

    We plan to write a letter to everyone on the planet. Including you. And all the people who look a bit like you. And all the people who look absolutely nothing like you. Everyone. Given the gargantuan scale of the task we've already begun, with one (whole) town in Ireland. The letters arrived en masse one morning, bringing widespread smiling and frisky curious shiver. (please see video) []

    The next town is planned, we want to go further, swifter. We've self funded the Mysterious Letters so far via medical testing on ourselves (violins please) and other such horrors. But now there's this lovely website. The funding will be spent on little stamps, large envelopes, etc. everything we need to research and write to the next entire town. We're continuing Mysterious Letters in a new mysterious location the minute this is over. All of the hundreds of new letters written will be posted on our blog by the end of November.

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