How They Do It

Doin’ it : A – B


1. Aerodynamicists do it in drag.

Algebraic geometers

1. Algebraic geometers do it for variety.
2. Algebraic geometers do it on the cubic three-fold.


1. Algebraists do it in a ring.
2. Algebraists do it in fields.
3. Algebraists do it in groups.
4. Algebraists do it with multiple roots.
5. Algebraists do it on field trips.


1. Analysts do it continuously.
2. Analysts do it smoothly.

Analytic number theorists

1. Analytic number theorists do it in the critical strip.
2. Analytic number theorists do it on the critical line.

Applied mathematicians

1. Applied mathematicians do it by computer simulation.
2. Applied mathematicians do it with a real world model.

Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers

1. AI researchers have tried to do it since the 60's but haven't yet succeeded.
2. AI researchers do it heuristically when principled techniques fail.


1. Astrophysicists do it in the dark.
2. Astrophysicists do it with telescopes.
3. Astrophysicists do it with large objects.

Banach spacers

1. Banach spacers do it completely.


1. Bayesians do it with improper priors.
2. Bayesians do it conditionally.
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  1. Chris says:

    Bayesians do it in the posterior

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