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Him are serious cat, this are serious blog.

    “To any soul that cares I breathe, I are Serious Cat, now finding to sufferer severe despair. Fang of the black night now puncture the heart of me, big boom happening. Now on voyage to uncharted territory of map of the end of the night, dark matter now fill the inside of me. So much pressure, you know?.. so much pressure happening in the life of me, also release valve malfunctioning. Not finding any release. No.

    Behold, I the guy, Serious Cat, now abandoned the self to the night. Total dark, deep pain, also am unsure, the time for hanging onto integrity now passe. Do not need it anymore! Wartime memory now come back, but convolution of the mind happen also. Not to think clearly now, also not to breathe clearly now. Not even thinking.
    So much time now passing, regrettable is the journey that which began in manhattan, state of new york of Amerika, that which I was serious cat, leave by boat the country to go to different country, now to an end it has become. “

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