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Myanmar : This is What Courage Really Looks Like.

From the page: “I don’t have much to add about the situation in Myanmar; maha has some good posts about it, along with AmericaBlog. But the picture to the left is a study in contrasts.

The foreground speaks for itself, but if you look at the upper left background, you’ll see an advertisement for the movie 300. To my mind, 300 represents a juvenile, fantastical crusade for freedom from dictatorship. But unlike 300, most struggles against dictatorships and juntas during the last century have not involved smashing things, bellowing, and rippling abdominals, but ordinary people, who simply possess a dreadful hope that, despite all the murderous evidence to the contrary, human decency and the justice of which we can conceive will prevail over unethically-wielded might. Too often, this has not been the case, and there has been a dreadful and bloody price.

Yet the people of Myanmar still march, only armed with the conviction that their government is unjust and that it can be changed through non-violent means. They are awe-inspiring and humbling, not only for their courage, but for their steadfast commitment to dignity in the face of in indignity.


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