xkcd: Password Strength

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News Desk: Anders Breivik and the English Defence League…

"No, the E.D.L., which bills itself as 'human rights organization that exists to protect the inalienable rights of all people to protest against radical Islam's encroachment into the lives of non-Muslims,' does not condone the murders of civil servants and summer campers. But the E.D.L. and groups like it do contribute to the creation of worlds, online and actual, in which people like Breivik find reinforcement. They foster a community in which openness and tolerance are called treachery and threats to the nationââ,¬s well being. They gather kindling, but shrug when there's a fire."
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Stewart Lee – 9 – Political Correctness – 41st Best…


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Øystein Runde

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From the site: "Basically: Coupled with healthy realism and a solid police force the faith in humanity is a valuable thing in itself. It says: Our justice system believes blindly in justice. We will not kill, because killing is wrong.

I know I sound awfully politically correct, as i am relentlessly soft, multi-cultural and left-wing.

But after today, as the worst human being in Europe is hard, mono-cultural and right-wing, it will be very, very, very hard to tease anyone for being too "politically correct".

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Jonas Gahr Støre og AUFs ledelse på Utøya | Flickr – Ph…

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Ilya E. Monosov – The Burning Flame


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Devo – Mechanical Man (Booji Boy Version)


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Ilya E. Monosov – Tricycle


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Breathe Owl Breathe – Black Bear/Wolf Pups in the Den


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“A Kiss For Your Eyes” by Kele Goodwin


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