From the page: “Hi everyone Welcome to my site! I’m Mor karbasi and I am a professional singer, I come from Israel, a country that has a variety of cultures, colours, sounds, languages, religions, and of course: different styles of music. As I grew up, I inhaled all of the colours and sounds into me, the music I write is a mixture of everything I inhaled.

    The style and language in which I sing is called “Ladino” or Sephardic. Ladino is an ancient Spanish Jewish language that was used and is still used today exclusively by the descendants of the exiled Jews of Spain. When Spain became Catholic in the 15th century, the Spanish King and Queen at that time decided to get rid of all of the Jews and the Muslims in their kingdom in order to unite Spain as Catholic, and that was what they did. In 1492 They simply said: Become Catholic, leave Spain or Die.

    Most ran away to different countries – Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and started life in a new place, holding on to their old traditions.

    Ladino language is actually an ancient form of Spanish, A 15th century Spanish mixed with Hebrew words. (You can compare it to the relation between Yiddish and German). Traditional Ladino songs draw from Spanish classical, Folk, and Arabic music (From a rich history of Moorish culture in Spain).

    This mix is what makes Ladino music so beautiful and haunting.”

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  1. Robert Valdez says:

    Heard you in Albuquerque at Globalquerque last year and cannot stop listening to your CD and imaging you in front of me again. You were truly charming and your voice and beauty captured me.

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