Girl and shopping window by Mick Feuerbacher [Mick F]

girl and shopping windowmick feuerbacher

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2 Responses to Girl and shopping window by Mick Feuerbacher [Mick F]

  1. Mick says:

    Hi, I am the photographer of this picture. I have no objections that you show it here, you have correctly cited author and source, but I do not appreciate the manipulations. The image is cropped (which I never do for good reasons) and blurry, which takes away a lot of its strength. Please have a look at the original, e.g on my website or at altphotos (link above)…

  2. bunty says:


    I’ve replaced the one here with the original.

    Dunno why it was cropped, not something I am prone to doing, even with my own film pics (much as I love my Epson v500, I do wish it scanned in the frame numbers and film annotation like my previous scanner). Possibly I’d found it via someone else and used their copy, or just been very lazy about getting it to fit the 600px max width Stumbleupon allowed at the time…


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