Best-Kept Secret For HIV-Free Africa –

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    Lilian Akoth Juma, 27, who has wide cheekbones, short braids and eyes wearied by seven hard years of widowhood, said she did not want to have more babies after learning she had HIV in 2004.

    "I wanted to be done," Juma recalled as she sat in her dark, dirt-floored hut while infant son Javan suckled and his twin brother napped nearby. With their birth in April, Juma now has six children, not an unusual number in western Kenya, where many women live in deeply traditional villages nestled in the hills rising from the rocky shores of Lake Victoria.

    Juma's attempts at family planning were frustrated by a combination of poverty, limited access to birth control and medical problems that made it unsafe for her to use contraceptive pills or injections, she said.

    The man who, in accordance with local tradition, inherited her after her husband died refused to use condoms, she said. And she lacked the means and the knowledge, she said, to travel to a regional hospital where she might have found access to IUDs, contraceptive implants or surgical sterilization


TOKYO DAMAGE REPORT: japan, punk, hentai, engrish, goth, robot, kogal, otak

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The Intersection: Time To Panic Over Cyclone Sidr

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Okay, it is time to get alarmist here. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center just released its latest forecast, and this storm still hasn't weakened as has been so endlessly predicted. Instead, it is still a strong Category 4--130 knot winds, or almost 150 miles per hour--according to JTWC. And frankly, the automated Advanced Dvorak Technique says the storm is a Category 5 and still intensifying.

This is a nightmare unfolding. The official landfall prediction from JTWC--like we trust them--is 115 knots, or weak Category 4. This is a storm that needs to be evacuated from, but I have no idea whether that is taking place on the ground. And as for weakening--yeah, that may well happen before landfall, but we're talking about a landfall 24 hours from now. And this storm is whipping up waves of 40 feet or more right now.

This looks bad. Really bad."

More from Reuters


VQR & The Octopus in the Cathedral of Salt

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When the trumpet sounded,
everything was prepared on earth,
and Jehovah divided the world
among Coca-Cola Inc., Anaconda,
Ford Motors, and other corporations:
The United Fruit Company Inc.
reserved for itself the juiciest piece,
the central coast of my own land,
the sweet waist of America.

--Pablo Neruda, "The United Fruit Co."


1 Too Many Peaches

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From the page:

    Imagine you were a six year old child
    clinging to dear life, helpless in a shelter
    Your sleep disturbed by an explosion and falling debris
    the very building that was your shelter is now collapsing on top of you.
    You grasp for air in the darkness under the bricks and strewn body parts
    where you remain alive for hours crying helplessly for help, but it never comes.
    Eventually you tire and close your eyes to surrender to the last sleep.

    No more pain...

    Just imagine!


Bombing is backed by most American voters – World – Times Online

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From the page:

Mariam Hamed, 80, who lost three members of her family in an Israeli warplane missile attack

The bipartisan pro-Israel lobby has, in recent years, been further strengthened by the fervour of millions of right-wing evangelical Christians, at least some of whom believe that the Middle East conflict is the fulfilment of the Bible's prophecy of Armageddon.

Last month the Reverend John Hagee, a Pentecostal television evangelist from Texas, convened a meeting in Washington of 3,500 members of Christians Unified for Israel. The organisation is dedicated to building support for Israel, even in states where there are few Jewish voters.

A Lebanese girl who was wounded and burned by an Israeli attack rests in a Tyre hospital in south Lebanon

Mr Hagee called the Israeli attacks on Lebanon a "miracle of God" and suggested that a ceasefire would violate "God's foreign policy statement" towards Jews. The evangelist is a leading figure in the so-called Christian-Zionist movement, rooted in a literal interpretation of the Book of Revelations, which predicts a final battle between good and evil in Israel, where two billion people will die before Christ's return ushers in a 1,000-year period of grace.

"The end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching . . . Rejoice and be exceeding glad -- the best is yet to be," Mr Hagee has written in a book that has sold 700,000 copies.

Brothers Nabil Alaa al-Din, left, Ramzi, center, and Ali, right


Day 13

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    Cute Korean girl, born in Japan, 35, went
    to international schools, wants nice, fun, tall
    man to share eternal love and babies and
    fun until we die in each others arms on the
    beach as happy grandpeople.


Day 12

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    Frenchman, 29, white, great looking,
    used to be a no-name actor, now salaryman,
    seeks Japanese woman who wants to have a
    secret Gaijin sex partner. Unlimited supply
    of secrecy and orgasm.


    European male, 30s, seeks female for
    friendship/nice times. I would just
    like a sweet person maybe like Takahashi-san
    and I promise that if you can make to me I
    will give you a gold medal.


Day 11 – DMX Krew Made Me Ill

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    Asian male, over 40, seeks sweet
    lady for friendship, any nationality
    ok, can speak J/E. Under the green
    wood tree who likes to live with me?


    European gentlemen, professional,
    30s, married ladies make the best
    lovers, all my parents tell me this.
    Eager to find out!


Day 7-10 – Neighbor of the Beast

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    Thai female, 40, virgin, never had
    boyfriend, memorized the Kama Sutra,
    seeks first, you are rich, handsome,
    well-hung, pay for dinner and hotel.
    Want memorable night, marriage a possibility.


    Love of silence, is there? Are you
    tired of crowded jam, over active craze,
    super competitive society,
    or weird merry puppies? Come with me,
    take me to your pure heart, handsome,
    173 cm, 58 kg, nonsmoker.