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    As we began digitizing our information sources and adding hyperlinks, the information slipped the bounds of physical constraint and started reassembling itself into other structures, many all at once. Still, our minds try to make spatial sense of it, and use spatial memory to organize and keep track of it all, interchangeably making use of semantic relevance and spatial positioning to process our contextual experience.

    The web complicates these experiences even further, because its open hyperlinking allows almost any structure imaginable to emerge, confusing the boundaries between the link and the linked. A link to a place becomes part of that place's actual substance. Every link either creates a new context or adds dimension to an existing context. On the web, the map doesn't just make the territory meaningful, the map makes the territory.


Is Barack Obama An American Citizen? | Heretical Ideas…

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Three incontrovertible* proofs that Barack Obama is not an American Citizen.

    The Norse Myths Show That Obama Is Not A Citizen

    Another metaphysical possibility demonstrating that Obama is not a citizen is Norse Mythology. Prominent in Norse myth is the God Loki, who is a trickster god associated with fire and magic. Loki, like other gods, has enormous power over the universe. Indeed, in the Marvel Comics saga Ultimates 2, it was revealed that Loki has the power to shuffle the very fabric of space and time itself, making things disappear from perception. Loki used these powers in the Ultimates 2 saga to ensure that Thor was captured and imprisoned so that he could not interfere with Loki's conquest of Asgard.

    Clearly, Loki could have used his powers to change the fabric of space-time in order to make it appear that Obama was born in Hawaii when he, in fact, wasn't. But why would Loki do such a thing? Simple. Loki is fated, according to Norse myth, to bring about Ragnarok-the end of the world. However, it is clear from the sagas that Ragnarok must be preceded by Fimbulvetr, the winter of winters. Fimbulvetr is described as being three years of winter with no summer in between.

    What does this have to do with Obama? It's simple. Obama has been essential in pushing through cap and trade legislation through the United States Congress, and his Administration has made it a major part of its agenda. But as Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle point out in their tome Fallen Angels, preventing the greenhouse effect would lead the Earth into a devastating ice age. In other words, Obama's Cap and Trade Agenda will directly lead to Fimbulvetr. As no real American would sponsor legislation that would lead to the Twilight of the Gods, it was necessary for Loki to use his powers to make Obama appear to be an American citizen so that Obama's election to the Presidency would be assured.

    Clearly, Loki's influence into American Presidential elections should be stopped and Obama should be immediately impeached for making use of a foreign power to obtain the Presidency.

* Results may vary depending on the strength of the Reality Field in your area. Logical errors and cognitive fallaces excepted. Only available on special order outside of U.S. America.


Why cops should trust the wisdom of the crowds – life -…

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    The "unruly mob" concept is usually taken as read and used as the basis for crowd control measures and evacuation procedures across the world. Yet it is almost entirely a myth. Research into how people behave at demonstrations, sports events, music festivals and other mass gatherings shows not only that crowds nearly always act in a highly rational way, but also that when facing an emergency, people in a crowd are more likely to cooperate than panic. Paradoxically, it is often actions such as kettling that lead to violence breaking out. Often, the best thing authorities can do is leave a crowd to its own devices.


The Noam Chomsky Show – Chasers War on Everything

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    Talk about slavery! It is not the peculiar institution of the South. It exists wherever men are bought & sold -- wherever a man allows himself to be made a mere thing -- a tool -- & surrenders his inalienable rights of conscience & reason, & indeed I think that this slavery is more complete than that which enslaves the body alone.

    It exists in the Northern States, & I am reminded by what I find in the newspapers that it exists in Canada. I never yet met with, or heard of, a judge who was not a slave of this kind, & so the finest & most unfailing weapon of injustice. He fetches a slightly higher price than the black man only because he is a more valuable slave.

    It appears that a colored man killed his would-be kidnapper in Missouri & fled to Canada. The bloodhounds have tracked him to Toronto & now demand him of her judges. From all that I can learn, they are playing their parts like judges. They are servile, while the poor fugitive in their jail is free in spirit.

    This is what a Canadian writes to the New York Tribune: "Our judges may be compelled to render a judgement adverse to the prisoner. Depend upon it, they will not do it unless compelled [his italics]. And then the poor fellow will be taken back, and probably burned to death by the brutes of the South." Compelled! By whom? The master whom they serve? Does God compel them? or is it some man or number of men? Can't they hold out a little longer against the tremendous pressure? If they are fairly represented, I wouldn't trust their courage to defend a setting hen of mine against a weasel. Will this excuse avail them when the real day of judgment comes? They have not to fear the slightest bodily harm: no one stands over them with a stick or a knife even. They have at the worst only to resign their places & not a mouse will squeak about it -- & yet they are likely to assist in tying the victim to the stake! Would that his example might teach them to break their own fetters. They appear not to know what kind of justice that is which is to be done though the heavens fall. Better that the British Empire be destroyed than that it should help to reenslave this man.

    This correspondent suggests that the "good people" of New York may rescue him as he is being carried back. There, then, is the only resort of justice -- not where the judges are, but where the mob is, where human hearts are beating, & hands move in obedience to their impulses. Perhaps his fellow fugitives in Toronto may not feel compelled to surrender him. Justice, departing from the Canadian soil, leaves her last traces among these.

H.D. Thoreau - 4th December, 1860.


U. Utah Phillips (1 of 7)

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    it's the only county.. parish church I know that has a high fibre, low calorie communion wafer. They're called "I can't believe it's not Jesus."


Living In A Reversed World

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How Ceiling Cat Came to Be.
The Untold Story.


Home | The Onion – Americas Finest News Source

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America's leading news organisation bought out by Chinese corporation.

    All in all, the American masses seem unable to deny the assertion that any time is excellent for ingesting fine fish-based foodstuffs from Yu Wan Mei. And health experts agree: Fish Time cannot cause acute peripheral neuropathy.



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Alan Watts and Pink Floyd Explain Zen (or do they?)

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    …grow …an awful dragon