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    The Monday demonstrations in East Germany in 1989 and 1990 (German: Montagsdemonstrationen) were a series of peaceful political protests against the authoritarian government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) of East Germany that took place every Monday evening.

    The demonstrations began on 4 September 1989 in Leipzig after regular prayers for peace in the Nikolai Church with parson Christian Führer, and eventually filled the nearby downtown Karl Marx Square (today known again as Augustus-Platz). Safe in the knowledge that the Lutheran Church supported their resistance, many dissatisfied East German citizens gathered in the court of the church, and non-violent demonstrations began in order to demand rights such as the freedom to travel to foreign countries and to elect a democratic government.

    This pressure led to the Fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989, marking the imminent fall of the socialist GDR regime.


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Stumbleupon Review of :

    I cannot give the reasons
    I only sing in tunes :
    the sadness of the seasons
    the madness of the moons

    I cannot be didactic
    or lucid, but I can
    be quite obscure and practic-
    ally marzipan

    In gorgery and gushness
    and all that's squishified.
    My voice has all the lushness
    of what I can't abide

    And yet it has a beauty
    most proud and terrible
    denied to those whose duty
    is to be cerebral.

    Among the antlered mountains
    I make my viscous way
    and watch the sepia fountains
    throw up their lime-green spray

-- Mervyn Peake.…

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Tits like coconuts.


YouTube – One Minute

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Field, rain on the window, and a grape vine. & Blog…

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I once rebuilt the gate you can't quite see, in a very patchwork fashion. This, due to my mum forgetting to put on her car's handbrake whilst she was closing the garden gate opposite. Leaving the car to roll magnificently through the one to the field.