PageOneQ | Fundamentalists blame Wall Streets woes on gays

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It's All Because (The Gays are Getting Married)

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'The end of an error'


Stewart &Colbert: Exclusive Q&| 2008 Presidential Elections | Cover Story…

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    STEWART: We were in this huge credit crisis, out of money. Then the Fed goes, We'll give you a trillion dollars, and all of a sudden Wall Street is like, ''I can't believe we got away with it!'' Can you imagine if someone said, ''I shouldn't have bought that sports car because it means I can't have my house,'' and the bank just said, ''All right, you can have your house. And you know what? Keep the car.'' [He throws up his arms joyfully and shouts] ''Yeaaaaah, I get to keep the car! Wait, do I have to give the money back?'' ''No, it doesn't matter.'' ''Yeah, I'm gonna get another car! I'm gonna do the same thing the same way, except twice as f---ed up!''

    COLBERT: The idea that Lehman Brothers doesn't get any money and AIG does reminds me very much of ''Iran is a mortal enemy because they have not achieved a nuclear weapon. But North Korea is a country we can work with, because they have a nuclear weapon.'' The idea is, Get big or go home. How big can you f--- up? Can you f--- up so bad that you would ruin the world economy? If it's just 15,000 who are out of jobs, no. You have to actually be a global f---up to get any help.


StumbleUpon – Etceteras web site reviews and blog

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Both implicitly included, and explicitly excluded, Etcetera is logically beyond Russell's Paradox and empirically beyond the epistemology of most; and and and, also, mostly beyond the gamut :P.

happy (anti-belated) birthday.


The Early Days of a Better Nation

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Ken MacLeod's illustrated commentary on the Wall Street heist* bailout.

    Now, here's the plan ...

    The US Government takes on

    one trillion dollars of toxic debt, which it will finance by borrowing from

    the People's Bank of China which will in turn take it out of the hide of

    an increasingly militant working class whose formative political experience was

    the Cultural Revolution.

    Nothing could possibly go wrong.

* See also, Financial Bailout: America's Own Kleptocracy - The largest transformation of America's Financial System since the Great Depression


Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19

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Aye, is it just me, or does this seem t' come around earlier e'ery year?




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Not as dark as my soul obviously, or indeed, as cloudy.



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So, the other day I decided to take a break from my hectic schedule (apparently) as one of the interweb's prime promotors of TORTURE Pr0N ("Come for the boobies, stay for the electrodes clamped to your jibjabs!") and take a drive up to Glencoe at dawn.

It was dark. – Bitone – Kampala, UG – Roots Music / Soul / Jam Band -…

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    The mission of The Bitone Children's Home/Troupe is to restore the lives and hopes of Ugandan children between 8 and 18 years old who have been traumatized by the death of their parents or loss of their home due to disease, war, or economic hardship. The program was founded by Branco Sekalegga, and Hassan Kayemba with the vision of "Restoring Hope by Nurturing the Body and Spirit."

    Bitone youth are provided with basic food and shelter, a nurturing environment, an academic education, and counseling. Through learning traditional African music, dance, folklore and theater, the children build self-esteem, become self-reliant and contribute to creating a peaceful future for the next generations of Ugandans and others worldwide. Bitone means 'talents.'

    This record was recorded with a laptop and one microphone in the center's living room (which also serves as the dining and bedroom depending on the hour), and is being sold as a fundraising tool for the center's growth and stability.

    Bitone primarily funds itself with performances around Uganda; unfortunately we must rent the necessary sound equipment, costumes and instruments for each show, which depletes a large portion of our earnings. For each performance a minimum of eight microphones, 2 large speaker cabinets, a mixing board and several cables are needed for our 25 musicians, vocalists, and dancers to sound effective. All the proceeds for the sale of this record will go toward helping Bitone attain the necessary equipment to sustain itself.