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This isn't to preclude the existence of genuine conspiracies, or indeed the validity of theories concerning them.

It could be said that it's falling into the genetic fallacy, suggesting that people believe such because of who they are. But that doesn't take into account that it is limiting itself (albeit badly, as it does suggest that the two types suggested are the entirety, which I doubt was the intention) to the case of those who invoke external conspiracies in order to explain the non-functioning of the current socio-economic system (e.g. it is taken for granted that there are people of certain backgrounds who believe that the reason for the non-functioning is due to an outside source: liberals, state-intervention, immigrants, etc.), and that it is suggesting why this is the case.

I.e., the genetic aspect is the conclusion, not a premise, or argument for. To suggest that this might occur as an anxiety reducing measure when faced with cognitive dissonance isn't too much of a stretch.

See, this is why I prefer just posting pics ;D


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