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Support vector machines!

You know it's the right thing to do.


SomaFM: Recently Played Tracks

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Stumbleupon Review of :

This is lush.


Programming Collective Intelligence – OReilly Radar

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Approx time between reading the title on my Amazon recommendations and deciding to buy : 0.0034 Seconds.

ed: teehee! Radar.OReilly -- Only just got that.


YouTube РA NAIFA- &A m̼sica&

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Fado to black.

YouTube Preview Image


Welcome to Google Analytics – Google Analytics Custom Tracking – Google…

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    Look everyone, it's the Google Analytics API documentation.

    Say "Hello, Google Analytics API documentation!"

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    So, you want to learn about Social Network Theory!

    Sick and tired of that horrible left-out feeling you get at dinner parties, or down the pub, when your friends start discussing Social Network Theory and you can only nod and pretend to know what they are talking about, burning with the inner shame of your own ignorance (if only your parents had allowed you to read Mark Buchanan!).

    Sicken no more.

    All you need to know (and more!) is available now, right here at your fingertips!

    Imagine the warm glow of strongly-reciprocated* first zone mutuality that will be yours as you confidently reveal that your favourite online hangout (that would be StumbleUpon) is largely homophily based in nature, and consists of many wonderful dense islands of heavily flow inter-related clusters, in a beautiful green sea of outliers.

    Just think of how many members of your preferred gender for intimate interpersonal relationships you will be able to attract with wittily flirtatious banter referencing loose-coupling and chat up lines such as: "Hey Babe, wanna come back to my place and conduct practical research into the implications of George Herbert Mead's symbolic interactionism? I have textured graph paper!"

    What are you waiting for, take a taste and you may find you just can't stop munching on those delicious chocolaty hypotheses.

    ...And an hour from now you may well be wondering why you ever feared tackling it, and how on earth you lived without it.

    * Remember this concept, if the beneficent stars are amenable we may be covering it further in a future blog entry on Game Theory.

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It's a shop, I can tell from the pixels glue seepage!

Copy and paste in the era of the Edwardian postcard.

No. 285
Franco-British Exhibition

No. 9.
Japan-British Exhibition

No. 1007.
Bruxelles Exposition

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    What is your social network profile telling people about who you really are (and is it who you think you are)?

    Which aspects are more revealing, which make it less likely others will understand you?

    All this and more is only one short statistic-laden PDF read away!

    Tip: revealing and embarrassing personal anecdotes help, so does linking to a funny video. Your politics, listing what you don't like... not so helpful.

    Using an avatar that isn't a picture of you actually makes it harder.

    As, less intuitively, does listing a personal "Great Book".

    So I shall: Comet in Moominland.



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    The role of an artist isn't always to be an artist. They say that those who worship the Muses end up running the Museums. Similarly, all futurists are doomed to become historians. The avant-garde becomes the gray eminences...As a culturatus, you can change a trend, but you're also part of the trend. People become the trend they want to see. People are historical figures, they personify the passage of time. – Tom Prayne – Stadt im Norden, DE – Electronica / IDM /…

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Stumbleupon Review of :

Tom Prayne: purveyor of excellent shoegaze-atronica.