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    purpose in life

    We do not think there is a purpose of life.
    If there were, that would cheapen life,
    making us tools or slaves of a master.

    We think there is purpose in life.
    As long as there are
    problems to solve,
    hunger to feed,
    illness to cure,
    pain to lessen,
    inequality to eradicate,
    oppression to resist,
    knowledge to gain,
    and beauty to create,
    there will be meaning in life.

    A college student once asked Carl Sagan:
    "What meaning is left, if
    everything I've been taught
    since I was a child
    turns out to be untrue?"

    Carl looked at him
    and said,
    "Do something meaningful."

    If you want to be
    a good, kind person,
    then . . . be
    a good, kind person.

    - Dan Barker (Freedom From Religion Foundation): Salvation


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