HIV and Bears & found poetry

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    HIV and Bears

    Nobody who has seen a baby born can believe in God for a second.

    When you see your child born,
    and the panic, and
    the amount of technology,
    that is saving the lives of the two
    people you love most in the world;
    when you see how much
    stainless steel and money it takes,
    to fight off the fact that
    God wants both those people dead,
    no-one can look in to the eyes
    of a newborn baby
    and say there is a God.

    If we were squatting in the woods,
    the two people I love
    most would be dead;
    there's just no way around that.

    If I were in charge, no way:
    we need technology
    to fight against Nature.
    Nature so wants us dead,
    Nature is trying to kill us.

    The natural things
    in this world
    HIV and Bears.

    -- Penn Jillette, on Penn Radio, Free FM, Nov. 22 2006


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