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Stumbleupon Review of :

    And lo! It came to pass that StumbleUpon was invaded by an army of cartoon spam-bots.

    And verily, such was the cunning of the bot writer that all were fooled into thinking they were genuine reviews.

    Not even noticing that all the reviews were the same, and written in 'Spammer English'. That strangest of dialects where a spammer tries to write in the manner that they think (and I use the word advisedly) a 'normal' person would, but due to having actually failed every IQ test they've ever taken, sounding rather more like they've got their copy written by a passing-out drunk, late-stage syphilitic Albanian goatherd. A goatherd who had previously not even heard of electricity, never mind the Internets. This, prior to taking that base copy, and running it through several computer translation programs, before having the final edits made by a forum full of 13 year old MySpacers high on crystal sherbet.

    Nope, congratulations Spammy McSpammer. You are fooling everyone.



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