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150 MW of parabolic trough CSP plant at Kramer Junction, California.

The statistics are quite startling. Every year, each square kilometre of hot desert receives solar energy equivalent to 1.5 million barrels of oil. Multiplying by the area of deserts worldwide, this is several hundred times the entire current energy consumption of the world. It has been calculated that, if it was covered with CSP plants, an area of hot desert of about 254 km x 254 km--less than 1% of the total area of such deserts - would produce as much electricity as is currently consumed by the whole world.

The cost of collecting solar thermal energy equivalent to one barrel of oil is about US$50 right now (already less than the current world price of oil) and is likely to come down to around US$20 in the future. The MED-CSP report, published in 2005, suggests that CSP will need public support for a time (like other renewable forms of energy) but that, with economies of scale and refinements in the technology, the cost of CSP electricity is then likely to tumble relative to more traditional sources of electricity. The TRANS-CSP report calculates that CSP is likely to become one of the cheapest sources of electricity in Europe, including the cost of transmission.

A report in Business Week (2006-02-14) quotes the CEO of Solel as saying "Our [CSP] technology is already competitive with electricity produced at natural-gas power plants in California". Similar claims are being made by others in the industry. Speaking about CSP at the Solar Power 2006 conference in California, the US venture capitalist Vinod Khosla said "...we are poised for breakaway growth - for explosive growth - not because we are cleaner [than coal-fired electricity] but because we are cheaper. We happen to be cleaner incidentally."


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    This is free, take it, and feel better - Charles Bukowski

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redditAll: alien artist blog: website needs traffic? an empirical study of

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We wanted to meet some of our users, but just the 4 of us wouldn't be enough of an incentive, so an open bar was necessary -- Wired even offered to pick up the tab.

I don't even remember who suggested it at the marketing meeting, but when they turned to me and asked if a free beer tour sounded like a good idea, my response ("Yes!") came quickly and emphatically. And thus drankkit was born.

"Ah, beer. The cause of and the solution to all of life's problems"


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Browse the pics on my blog by thumbnail.


Or don't, it's up to you really. Don't see why you would actually.

In case you do, sorry about the design, it was more proof-of-concept than zengarden.


Spluch: The Wooden Car with a Split Personality

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A Ukrainian man gave up his job, sold his two other vehicles and spent one and a half years in his garage to create his dream vehicle. His literally half-modern, half-retro car has a wooden body made of thousands of oak parts. – Gift card pitfalls

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For the imaginationly challenged: try $Cash$ - the gift card with no expiration date!


ALTphotos Photography Community :: For Creative Photography

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[ My Lake – Tania Koleva ]


What Future? Street Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo: V. Abuses

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    So anyway… the other day I got this thumb-solicitation for a site. Normally when I get these I just oblige: I visit, and thumb them down.

    But this one was different.

    It made me stop and think.

    I shan’t embarrass the sender by naming them, but the message was:

    For the up coming Xmas!
    check this blog out:

    Help them out. Do something good for Xmas.

    The basic story here is: there’s this family, they have a kinda dated PC system, I mean it’s only a 1.7Ghz processor, it’s definitely last year’s tech.

    They would like to upgrade to a MacBook Pro, presumably as they have seen the ads, and wish to be Different&atrade;. This, however, will cost them $2,499…

    Which is pretty big money if you are ‘poor’.

    So far they have made $18.50, only $2480.50 to go. But in today’s caring society, that’s nothing when people get together to help those in need! I mean look at Novemnber the 5th, Ron Paul (PBUH) day, they raised almost $4 million, just to pay for an advertising campaign!

    Who wouldn’t want to help others at Xmas?

    Oh wait, I almost forgot to review this site. Silly me.

[ A street girl warms herself by a fire in the evening. – Marcus Bleasdale ]

    Fifteen-year-old Amelie left home at age ten when her parents died, and now lives with a group of girls in Lubumbashi, who share food, sleep in a group during the day, and engage in sex work at night. She told Human Rights Watch researchers that she may go with three or four men each night and can make from 1,000 to 2,000 Congolese francs (U.S.$2 to $4). The amount of money she receives is conditional on whether condoms are used. She tries to insist that her clients use condoms every time. She told us, “Sometimes men come and take me by force and afterwards, leave me no money. That happens often, I started this work when I was ten years old. It is not a good life. I would rather go somewhere else and study.”

    $2499 = 625 days of sex work for her, at the full $4 price.

    The amount given for St. Ron Paul, never mind the mainstream candidates?

    A lot more days, but then, you know, it’s true: the choice between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumber, and tweedle-crackhead… that’s far more important than 10 years olds selling themselves for sex on the street. That’s Civilisation.