– Canada – Quebec police admit agents posed as protesters

Ξ August 24th, 2007 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Politics and Society |

From the page: "Police said the trio's cover was blown when they refused to toss any objects."

No, their cover was blown when they tried to infiltrate a bunch of middle aged union folks (Mr. Coles confronted the QPP men as soon as they attempted to join his protest. He told them to get away -- that his was a peaceful protest, not the place for violent confrontation. "This is our line," he shouts, "this is for old guys, grandmothers grandfathers. This is our line.") protesting peacefully in cardigans and casual wear, while dressed as 'anarchists' (personally, I prefer Gucci bandanas--It is possible to overthrow the state and look good at the same time, people!) and carrying rocks.

Possibly the second worst excuse of the year, after of course the Republican chappie who claimed that the reason he offered to pay an undercover police officer 20 bucks to give him (the officer) a blow job was because, and I paraphrase: "some blacks guys done gone scareded me!". Presumably he was invoking that well known primaeval survival instinct fight or fellate to explain his reasoning. Although hey, perhaps that's just the way these right whingers are wired. God knows, you won't find a bigger bunch of suckers...


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