Ron Paul 2008 & Hope for America

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    Ron Paul (Peace Be Upon Him) on the Mount; taking bread and fishes away from the poor, utilising his Magic 8-Ball of Omniscient Manifest Destiny, through which he channels the spirit of Eternally Undead Milt Friedman

    --So they can die happy in the knowledge that they didn't have to suffer the ignomy of government handouts. Of course.
    Ron Paul (PBUH)

    The one true lord and master of Libertarians everywhere!

    Inspired by his shining example, I have felt it incumbent upon myself to finally accept my essential calling and claim my rightful place as King of The Anarchists.

    Send forth unto me your best, brightest and most shaggable, that they might be my acolytes: proud footsoldiers in the Great Army of Magnificent Individualism.

    Lend me your ears and pocketbooks, that I might tell you the correct way to anarch and build a wonderful non-governmental edifice to govern you--so that FINALLY you can be free of the feather-boa constricting stranglehold of Government!


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