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    1:1 In de beginnin' God created da damn heaven and da damn eard.

    1:2 And da damn eard wuz widout fo'm, and void; and darkness wuz downon de face uh de deep. Jes hang loose, brud. And da damn Spirit uh God moved downon de face uh de boozes.

    1:3 And God said, Let dere be light, dig dis: and dere wuz light. Man!

    1:4 And God saw de light, dat it wuz baaaad: and God divided da damn light fum de darkness.

    1:5 And God called da damn light Day, and da damn darkness he called Night. Man! And de evenin' and da damn mo'nin' wuz de fust day. Slap mah fro!

    1:6 And God said, Let dere be some firmament in de midst uh de boozes, and let it divide da damn boozes fum de boozes.

    1:7 And God made da damn firmament, and divided da damn boozes which wuz unda' de firmament fum de boozes which wuz above da damn firmament, dig dis: and it wuz so. 'S coo', bro.


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