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    "Hašek was born in Bohemia in 1883, the son of a bank clerk. His early career consisted of journalism, vagrancy and the prodigious output of short stories, feullitons consisting of satirical observations. In some respects, he was a Chris Morris of his time. He took delight in poking fun at the authorities of the-then terminally sclerotic Austro-Hungarian Empire, even faking his own death by pretending to jump off a bridge in Prague. As an anarchist, options for any political activity were heavily circumscribed by the police state citizens of the Empire lived in, so Hašek set up his own party, possibly the most sarcastically titled political party in history. The Party for Peaceful and Moderate Progress Within the Limits of the Law was of course a hoax, partly designed to poke fun at other parties, partly to finance the pub where the meetings were held, as well as to assist one of Hašek's mates in getting off with one of the barmaids who worked there."


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