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57. Out my Window (Being Josef Sudek) - 19th March

    My first attempt at large format photography. Not sure how on earth it came out.

    For a start it was taken with a camera that had had me dissemble and re-glue the bellows as they were completely worn and unstuck.

    Then there was the gluing back together of the plate holders, and creation of a rather inaccurate cardboard envelope to hold the film where the plate would be, so it didn't just fall out when the dark slide was opened.

    Not to mention the lens cap (used to make the exposure) made of a toilet roll tube, a vitamin container lid, and loads of electrical tape. I did try and figure out what exposure would be proper, but gave up on the maths and just gave it 4 seconds (and one extra for luck) at f/44 with it balanced on top of my PC monitor.

    Developed, of course, by stuffing it into a paterson universal tank with the top of the spiral taken off so it would fit. I wasn't sure whether it was going to be all black, or all white... an actual photograph, I wasn't really expecting, mainly I just wanted a sheet of film to figure out how to mount it in the plate holder more accurately 😀


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