Mummy woke and came in and

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    Mummy woke and came in and said, "Look how funny it is with snow covering the windows," because she didn't understand how serious it all was. When I told her what had really happened, she became very thoughtful.

    "In fact," she said after a while, "we have gone into hibernation. Nobody can get in any longer and no can get out!"

    I looked carefully at her and understood that we were saved. At last we were absolutely safe and protected. This menacing snow had hidden us inside in the warmth for ever and we didn't have to worry a bit about what went on there outside. I was filled with enormous relief, and I shouted, "I love you, I LOVE YOU," and took all the cushions and threw them at her and laughed and shouted and Mummy just threw them all back, and in the end we were lying on the floor just laughing.

    Then we began our underground life. We walked around in our nighties and did nothing. Mummy didn't draw. We were bears with pine needles in our stomachs and anyone who dared to come near our winter lair was torn to pieces. We were lavish with the wood, and threw log after log onto the fire until it roared.

    Sometimes we growled. We let the dangerous world outside look after itself; it had died, it had fallen out into space. Only Mummy and I were left.

    It began in the room at the end. At first it was the nasty scraping sound made by shovels. Then the snow fell down over the windows and grey light came in everywhere. Somebody tramped past outside and came to the next window and let in more light. It was awful.

    The scraping sound went along the whole row of windows until the lamps were burning as if at a funeral. Outside snow was falling. The trees were standing in rows and were as black as they had been before and they let the snow fall on them and the fringe of the forest on the horizon was still there.

    We went and got dressed. Mummy sat down to draw.

    A dark man went on shovelling outside the door and all of a sudden I started to cry and I screamed: "I'll bite him! I'll go outside and bite him!"

    "I shouldn't do that," Mummy said. "He wouldn't understand." She screwed the top onto the bottle of Indian ink and said: "What about going home?"

    "Yes," I said.

    So we went home.

    ~~ Tove Jansson ~~


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