CHRISTMAS CARDS – Combined Charities Christmas Shops

Ξ December 15th, 2006 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Politics and Society |

    "Combined Charities began in 1971, with 12 participating charities. Now there are 63 involved in our shops, and another 56 on our web-site.

    The internet venture, which we started 6 years ago, seemed a logical extension of what we were already doing,:- providing a market for charities. However, two principles mark us out as different from others in this field.

    1] Charities, whether in our shops or on our web-site, get 100% of their sales.

    2] No-one working for Combined Charities is paid.

    Perhaps, in this day and age of go-getting and making money, this is refreshing to know. The very skilled and professional team of Combined Charities do all the work for free. Browse this site then, confident that whatever you choose, the charities are getting 100% returned to them."


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