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Ξ December 2nd, 2006 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Arts, Photography |

    Konrad Zagloba

    A Life of Crime

    Frail friends, I love you all!
    Maybe that's the trouble,
    storm in the eye of a storm.
    Everyone wants too much.
    Instead we gratefully accept
    some stylized despair:

    suitcoats left hanging
    on folding chairs, snow falling
    inside a phonebooth, cows
    scouring some sad pasture.
    You know the sort of landscape,
    all sensibility and no trees.

    Nothing but space, a little
    distance between friends.
    As if loneliness didn't make us
    responsible, and want accomplices.
    Better to drink at home
    than to fall down in bars.

    Or to read all night a novel
    with missing heirs, 513 pages
    in ten-point type, and lay my body
    down, a snarl of urges
    orbited by blood,
    dreaming of others.

    William Mathews


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