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Rebirth - Duy Huynh

When the cello
is reluctant
use me
for your bow --
I am the autumn wind

-- June Moreau


Invitation to Optimism

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Invitation to Optimism - Duy Huynh

night cries . . .
wild geese leaving winter
bring winter --
I wear remembrance
in a necklace of shells

-- Ellen Compton


Autumn 2

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Autumn 2 - Duy Huynh

hazy autumn moon
the sound of chestnuts dropping
from an empty sky
I gather your belongings
into boxes for the poor

-- Margaret Chula


Opening Scene

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Opening Scene - Duy Huynh

the cold walk,
between us
the creek running
under ice

-- Tom Clausen


Dreamtime Wanderer

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Dreamtime Wanderer - Duy Huynh

over the heads
of the shopping crowd
a red balloon -
as elusive as you
that remained unborn

-- Marianne Kiauta


YouTube – Look Around You – 5 – Sulphur

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...or other things

Sulphur - When most people think of Sulphur they think of Satanism, and quite probably that notable quote from famous satanist drag queen Anton Szandor LaVey : "How could you set yourself up as the most powerful institution on earth? You first find out what every man feels at least once a day, establish that as a sin, and set yourself up as the only institution capable of pardoning that sin."

Proof if proof were ever needed that self-important man-tarts can occasionally stumble upon something worth saying.

However Sulphur is more than just the stench of eternal damnation sold to gullible fools by the church that usurped jeebus. It is also Yellow.

I once wrote a poem involving it, however you should ignore it, as poetry is the anti-thesis of good science. As well as the peppery condiment.

Eau de Lucifer

Designed by our top parfumiers:
a scent, most wonderfully sulphorious.
Guaranteed tested on animals!
May cause a slight rash in some.
And, eternal damnation in others.


I shall now go and lash myself for that lapse into unscientifitude.


YouTube – Look Around You – 4 – Ghosts

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...or spictrims

Ghosts - Ghostonomy is one of hottest fields of study in modern science. It is believed that it could be an energy source to rival even the best of current cold fusion science. Ghost powered technology could even soon replace the mini-reactor in most home entertainment devices.

Next month will be one of the biggest in the history of ghostonomy with the opening of the new Stockholm spooker-collider, which will propel ghosts into each other at vast speeds of up to 27 miles per an hour, or possibly even more!


YouTube – Look Around You – 3 – Germs

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...or a tramp

Germs - Although the vast bulk of studies to date have shown that the majority of Texans believe 'Germs' to be the proper name for people from the country of Germany (which, according to the same study is located just to the North of Iraq, with Translyvania, Atlantis, and Quebec to the East, North, and West respectively), this isn't the case. Germs in fact mostly come from Belgium, are invisible, and rarely vote. The only exception to that being polls about deforestation. No one knows why this is.


YouTube – Look Around You – 6 – Music

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...little mouse

Music - what can one say about music?

H flat major!






untitled by stefan kutsarov

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