Because of the war…I died

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      Because of the war...I died
      I lost my sister
      She was 6 years old
      She had brown hair
      She had brown eyes
      She always begged to be carried
      Thought she would ruin her legs if she ever walked
      She loved water and danced in it
      She loved to stare into the night
      She would laugh and run away
      She would tell me we would live forever

      We sat in the shelter
      Too scared to sleep
      She rolled under my arms and sat there
      She said she would be safe there

      We heard the bombings
      That crushing sound
      It went pitch black
      We could barely breathe anymore
      She was looking into my eyes
      She knew it was the end
      I could only cry, trying to convince her that we will survive
      She was smiling

      She said:
      It's okay, we're going to a better place
      We can play there and look at the stars
      No more sudden sounds
      No more blood
      No amputated arms or legs

      I started to feel sleepy
      She was sleepy as well, yet she was still smiling
      I smiled back drying my tears
      She kissed me and said: I can see stars!
      I held her, and breathed my last breath...we're in a better place now

    Inspired by two children that were found "sleeping" holding hands...they didn't survive

by lynnelle


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