deviantART: Watching the bombs falling by ~sergiofx

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Watching the Bombs Falling - sergiofx

From the page: Another image inspired by recent events in my country. I was watching a local TV station the other day, and they had a camera fixed on the city of Beirut, airing live. It was about 3am. I was lost in my thoughts, when suddenly, I saw a bomb falling on Beirut (through the TV), and it just flashed. Three seconds later, I actually heard the shockwave arriving to my house, which was really loud..

And it was then when it hit me... I am actually watching my city falling... Live...

Trust me, if you're not living it, its a heartbreaker... So i just had to create something to express the sadness I am feeling right now...

and here it is... a kid watching the bombs falling on his favorite city...


3 days work, 10-11 hours
Photoshop Cs 2 - Genius tablet
100% from scratch



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