Sprezzatura: Every work of art has form, is an organism

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    "Every work of art has form, is an organism. Its most essential feature is the character of inevitability -- that nothing could be changed or moved from its place, but that all must be as it is"

    From: Principles of Art History: the Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art, by Heinrich Wölfflin

    "My first memory of the paving stones of Ulm, the ones I toddled on while I hung and sometimes swung about wildy on the axis of my wrist in the firm grip of my papa. Each rounded stone I scuffed gave back to me its ineluctable mass. How was it, I wondered, that the stones fit so nicely, like breadloaves in the baker's oven? Then I discovered the workmen's chisel marks which made each stone different though the same as the others. Each stone recorded its own shaping, it had the mark of its history of human work, and all the stones together represented an infinity of decisions under one plan, an intent to make a passable street."

    From: City of God by E.L. Doctorow


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