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  • [Yin/Yang]
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  • Computer Analyst: "Now lie down and tell me about your motherboard...."
  • An erection doesn't count as personal growth
  • I believe in libraries.  Everybody should have one.
  • I don't do math--that's why I went into computers
  • I only eat organic food.  That silicon-based stuff tears up my innards.
  • I went to the bathroom and they elected me Antichrist
  • I'd rather be lucid dreaming
  • If children are God's little blessings, I'd hate to experience His wrath
  • I'm not touching that with a 10' snide remark
  • It is better to light one candle than to curse the Darth
  • Martha Stewart would die if she saw this place--let's invite her over
  • Memory file not found.  Please hit refresh button to reboot name file.
  • Microsoft multi-processing: fouling up three things at once
  • Nine out of ten of the voices in my head say "Don't shoot!"
  • We have an open door policy.  And an open airlock policy.


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