Why did Douglas Hofstadter

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  • Why did Douglas Hofstadter cross the road?  To make this riddle possible
  • Why did the Roman Empire collapse?  What's Latin for office automation?
  • Why do people persist in walking directly into the well-marked, laser-sharpened, 80K rpm mill saw that is my ego?
  • Why do people spend years writing a novel when they can buy one for a few dollars?
  • Why do people with so few clues have so much time?
  • Why get real when artificial is so much easier to keep clean?
  • Why give the person who has everything a box to keep it in when it already comes in its own container?
  • Why is Cleopatra so resistant to therapy?  Because she is da Queen of da Nile
  • Why is the door always on the wrong side of the cat?
  • Why is the symbol for anarchy always written the same way?
  • Why not outlaw heterosexuality instead of abortion?  Strike at the source!
  • Why not try peace?  If we find war is better, it will not be difficult to fight again
  • Why reach for the musket when the custard pie will do?
  • Why was I born with such contemporaries?
  • Why work for a living when you can die for art?
  • Will answer stupid user questions for food
  • Will build secret weapon for food
  • Will kill pink dinosaur for plots
  • Will kill purple dinosaur for food
  • Will of iron, whim of steel
  • Will read news for food
  • Will the deity who nailed the KOSMIC KARMIC KICKME sign to my back kindly remove it?
  • The will to be stupid is a very powerful force


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