When I was young, we rolled

Ξ February 28th, 2006 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Humour |

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  • When I was young, we rolled our dice uphill, both ways, in the snow!
  • A motion to adjourn is always in order
  • What we want is things that work, what we get is technology
  • Alpha Bitch
  • I no longer fear hell, I work in retail  
  • LEWD, CRUDE, AND RUDE and I have other traits that don't rhyme
  • A professional writer is an amateur writer who didn't quit
  • The temperature of Hell is measured in degrees Calvin
  • To a dog, "No" means "ask again"
  • To a lemming, "No" means "This way to next cliff"
  • How many T'ai Chi teachers does it take to change a light bulb? Ten, one to change the light bulb and nine to say, "At our school, we do it a little differently."
  • I am not addicted to brake fluid, I can stop any time  
  • Free the Endorphins!
  • Give up on pessimism. It doesn't work anyway.
  • The lesser of two evils is still less evil
  • They say you can't fool all of the people all of the time, but really, how could you tell?
  • Three, two, one....Let's jam!


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