The pun is mightier than the

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  • The pun is mightier than the sword   
  • Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, wiggle rear end, sneak, sneak, sneak, pounce   
  • There are no old jokes, only old audiences  
  • What did I say that sounds like "Tell me about your life?"  
  • What part of no don't you want me to understand?   
  • A Unitarian is an atheist with children
  • Knights try to attract women by competing with other men. Troubadours try to attract women by doing things women like. When troubadours succeed, knights think they're cheating.
  • The Atkins Diet: It's a no-grainer   
  • Editors: We read the slush pile so you don't have to   
  • I am Dyslexia of Borg. Your ass will be laminated.  
  • I wasn't myself, but whoever I was is very, very sorry   
  • I'm destined for greatness--I'm just pacing myself  
  • New Meds---please be patient  
  • UU Time--why nothing important happens until fifteen minutes into the meeting  
  • But I have to vote for Cthulhu or else Morgoth will win!   
  • 'Kinky' is anything I haven't done yet   
  • Bacteria don't die, they phage away  
  • Have forgotten my original hair color   
  • Rule 1) Is it plugged in?  Rule 2) No, really. Is it plugged in? 3) Seriously, get on the floor and check. Is it really plugged in?   


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