The problem with trouble-

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  • The problem with trouble-shooting is that trouble shoots back
  • The problem with unwritten laws is that they're so hard to erase
  • Producing a system from a specification is like walking on water--it's easier if it's frozen
  • Professional Nuisance for Hire--name a target, name a place, I'm there
  • Program: a magic spell cast over a computer allowing it to turn one's input into error messages
  • Programming is a race between programmers trying to create bigger and better idiot-proof programs and the universe trying to create bigger and better idiots
  • Programming is an art form that fights back
  • Programming: The art of debugging an empty text file
  • Programming: The art of putting bugs into an empty text file
  • Progress at best consists of replacing errors with more subtle errors
  • Projecting empaths--You gotta feel sorry for them
  • Prooffreading at it's best
  • Proud member of the cultural elite
  • PS/2--yesterday's hardware today.  OS/2--yesterday's software tomorrow.  OS/2 Ext.--today's software real soon now
  • Psi Corps is your friend.  Trust the corps.  It's subliminal, it must be true.
  • Psychedelic drugs cause paranoia, confusion, and total loss of reality in politicians that have never taken them
  • Psychiatrists say that one out of four Americans is mentally ill.  Check your three closest friends....  If they seem alright, you're the one!
  • Psychoamazon Warbitch from Hell with an Attitude
  • Pundit
  • Pure drivel tends to drive away ordinary drivel


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