The human race's strongest

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  • The human race's strongest sexual instinct is the impulse to meddle in other people's sex lives  
  • These are my principles.  If you don't like them, I have others.   
  • What does your name do in TECO?   
  • Which is correct, typos or typoes?  They're both wrong   
  • Vodka corrupts. Absolut vodka corrupts absolutly.   
  • Our long nightmare of peace and prosperity is over   
  • Settlers of Catan: Everybody must get stone   
  • I don't mind the voices.  I do mind the busy signal.   
  • My home shows the beneficent influences of books, games, CDs, shui  
  • AIDS is a disease. Pat Robertson is a punishment from God.   
  • Do not taunt happy fun superpower   
  • Have you heard about our generous minion benefit plan?  
  • I am the very model of a modern rassefarian, My politics are complex and apparently contrarian, I quote the laws of kashrut even when they're non-contextual, and rattle off the names of the eukaryotes asexual   
  • Vi has two modes: one beeps at you and the other corrupts your data   
  • Chaos, panic, and disorder...  at last my work here is done   
  • Don't make me get the flying monkeys   
  • Emacs is a pretty good operating system, but it needs a better text editor   
  • Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.   
  • I haven't sold my soul to Satan, but we have worked out a rent to own deal   
  • Macintosh for productivity. Linux for development. Palm for mobility. Windows for solitaire.  


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