The beauty of a pun is in the

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  • The beauty of a pun is in the "OY!" of the beholder
  • Because cats read with their asses! [picture of cat sitting on book]
  • Because humans am stupid, that why
  • Because I'm the editor, that's why!
  • Because I'm the writer, that's why!
  • Because of heavy computing requirements we are currently using some of your unallocated brain capacity for backup processing.  Please ignore any hallucinations, voices, or unusual dreams you may experience.  Please avoid concentration intensive tasks until further notice.  Thank you.
  • Because the alternative would be unthinkable
  • Beckett and Calavicci in '96   Putting right what once went wrong
  • Been there, done that, burned the negatives
  • Been there, done that, out-grew the t-shirt
  • Been there, done that, wore out the t-shirt


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