Suffering makes you deep.&nbsp

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  • Suffering makes you deep.  Travel makes you broad. I'd rather travel.
  • Sunrise is nature's way of telling you it's bedtime
  • Support free trade--smuggle!
  • Support your local medical examiner--die strangely
  • Support your local thieves' guild--leave your doors unlocked
  • SUSHIDO--The way of the Tuna
  • Sweet, Lovable, Deadly....
  • SysAdmins can't be sued for malpractice but surgeons don't have to deal with patients who install new versions of their own innards
  • System Error--press F13 to continue
  • The system has been overhauled, and all its major weaknesses have been exposed, analysed, and replaced with new weaknesses
  • Systems Analysis: finding the right wrench to pound in the correct screw
  • T'ai Chi isn't a martial art--it's a MARTIAN art.  Martians move slowly in earth gravity
  • Take me home--furry people need love too
  • Take my advice--I'm not using it
  • Talk to the OTHER autocrat!
  • Taste me, taste me--I'm organic
  • Taxation is theft; Conscription is slavery; War is murder
  • Taxation WITH representation isn't so great either
  • Teacher from the Black Lagoon


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