Save the Hubble [picture of

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  • Save the Hubble [picture of telescope]
  • Darth Mom
  • @11 J0ur b@53 r b310n6 2 us!!1!
  • The big advantage of a light saber is that you can both cut and toast a bagel in one stroke
  • <h3<km$t3!!1! JOOr k1n6 1z pwnd!!1!!
  • I aim to misbehave
  • Sith happens
  • So this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause
  • Teh st4gez0rz Of gr13v1ng: OMG, WTF, :(, kthxbye
  • Warning: experience acquisition zone
  • If evolution is true, why do mothers only have two hands?
  • Go ahead. Make my breakfaast.
  • Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies
  • Darth Baby
  • Darth Dad
  • Darth Kid
  • Darth Rugrat
  • Darth Sibling
  • There is a fine line between genius and insanity. Don't use it for a jumprope
  • First They Came for Me. You're Next.
  • hukt an fonetics wurkt for mi [in IPA]
  • I am NOT your spiritual scratching post
  • Resistance is not futile
  • Set phaser on wedgie
  • Whose trachea do I have to crush to get something done around here?


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