Right after I graduate, I'

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  • Right after I graduate, I'm gonna sit in a tree, cut the soles off my shoes, and learn to play the flute
  • Right theory, wrong universe
  • The right to arm bears is the right to be free   HOKA LIBRE FOREVER!
  • The rings of Saturn are actually composed of lost airline luggage
  • Riot Nrrd
  • The road goes ever on and on
  • Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads!
  • Robert A. Heinlein memorial service   7:00 PM Barbecue   7:30 PM  (no salt necessary)
  • Romulan Cloaking Button
  • RTFM
  • RTFMA Read the manual, SIR!
  • R2D2 is a renegade Dalek
  • Rule 1: You can't cure stupid
  • Rule Six: Anyone who thinks rule 6 should be "There is no rule six" must repeat other people's jokes until they get the point
  • Rules?  What rules?
  • Running an open marriage is a little like running a business or a political group, but not in a boring way
  • A running program is the moment of truth.  All else is prophecy or nostalgia.
  • Running the Y2K death march--and it's all uphill
  • rw-rw-rw: The file protection of the beast
  • Rx: Netscape--to be used 16 hours daily and as needed to prevent sleep
  • The same qualities that make me so charming have also made me unemployable


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