Refusing to live in the real

Ξ February 28th, 2006 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Humour |

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  • Refusing to live in the real world will substantially reduce the portability of your code
  • Relaxed Agnostic   I don't know any answers   I'm not looking very hard, either
  • Relaxed Bisexual Agnostic I don't know, I don't care, and maybe I'll sleep with it
  • Remember that writer's block is nothing more than a failure of nerve--but don't let that bother you
  • Remember the cold war?  How pre-millennial!
  • Remember, there's more to life than science fiction, but not much
  • Remember to safeguard your wallets.  Hucksters have been seen at the convention.
  • Renegade Time Lady
  • Renegade Time Lord
  • The release of Windows 2000 has been moved back to the first quarter of 1901
  • Repetition is the soul of wit.  Repetition is the soul of wit.  Repetition...
  • Resident Vampire
  • Resistance is useless (if less than 1 <capital omega>)
  • Revenge is a dish best served microwaved
  • Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow
  • Reviews are like astrology--if they're good, they're true, and if they're bad, who believes in that stuff anyway?
  • The revolution will not be a three-part, prestige-format miniseries


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