Master of Superfluous

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  • Master of Superfluous Technology
  • Miles' Girlfriends---be all you can be, and then some
  • "More hay, Trigger?"  "No thanks, Roy. I'm stuffed."
  • My father sacked Lindisfarne, and all I got was this lousy pennanular broach
  • My name is Bambi.  You killed my mother.  Prepare to die.
  • "My name is Fox Mulder.  You abducted my sister.  Take me too!"
  • No shit, there I was....
  • "Oh, bother," said the Borg.  "We've assimilated Pooh."
  • One must have the courage of one's peculiarities
  • Practice random intelligence and senseless acts of self-control
  • Procrastinators go to hell, but not right away
  • Reality is a hairball in the catnap of life
  • Recovering Catholic
  • Recovering Fundamentalist
  • SCA: Where all the voices in your head can come out and play
  • Set left eyebrow on sardonic
  • Smith & Wesson--the original point'n'click interface


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