It's hard to predict the

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  • It's hard to predict the future when they keep changing the past
  • It's hard to seize the day when first you've got to grapple with the morning
  • It's hard to think of you as the end result of millions of years of evolution
  • IT's HARd to tYpe wHILe holdINf a Cat
  • It's important to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out
  • It's just AFOG [Another Fucking Opportunity for Growth]
  • It's like brother Nietzsche said--being human is a complicated gig, so give that dark night of the soul a hug and howl the eternal yes
  • It's never too late to have a happy childhood
  • It's never too late to have a rebellious adolescence
  • It's not a bald spot--it's a solar panel for a sex machine
  • It's not a bug--it's an undocumented feature
  • It's not a bug, it's not a feature, it's an ENHANCEMENT
  • It's not a dungeon--it's a fortified underground defense installation
  • It's not cute being this easy
  • It's not easy being a cast iron bitch.  It takes years of practice.  Most people don't appreciate that.


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