Information Vampire–giving a

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  • Information Vampire--giving a whole new meaning to the word BYTE
  • The information went dataway
  • -------- Innocent and Horny [picture of unicorn] <has slashout>
  • Insanity is hereditary--you get it from your kids
  • Insanity--it's not just a plea, it's a way of life
  • Insert disk 5 of 4 to continue
  • Inside every large problem is a small problem struggling to get out
  • Inside every large program is a small program struggling to get out
  • Instant gratification isn't fast enough
  • Instead of fighting, we should all join hands like ebony and ivory living together on a piano. It's so embarrassing it HAS to work!
  • Instead of using a loom, we've going to wind all the yarn into balls and adopt an infinite number of kittens
  • Instrument of Darwin
  • Intel: putting the backward into backward compatible
  • Intellectual snob and proud of it
  • Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac
  • Interchangeable parts aren't
  • Interfere? Of course we'll interfere. Always do what you're best at, I say.
  • The internet is NOT cool! Go away!
  • Internet is so huge and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life
  • Interstellar amity demands that we make some physical contact at this point, but I beg to be excused
  • Invertebrate Punster   Spinelessly unable to resist a pun   So slug me!


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