I can't brain today. I

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  • I can't brain today. I have the dumb.
  • Small brain, big universe
  • Wheelchair....Sex Toy....What's the difference?   
  • Your safeword is not my kink
  • Fascist meanie poo-poo head
  • Do not touch me without asking. If I say 'no', stop asking.
  • I have no shame. I sold it because I wasn't using it.
  • I'm much cuter on my knees
  • NAKED PROOFING: Expose yourself to literature
  • Now that I have you at my mercy, what do I do next?
  • Poly, but would probably rather be reading
  • Nipples pierced, hug with caution
  • That's DOCTOR Castrating Bitch to you
  • Victim [crossed out] Bottom Wanted
  • What part of "I SURRENDER, DON'T HURT ME, DO WITH ME AS YOU WILL" don't you understand, dear?
  • Don't blame me, I didn't vote for his daddy, either!
  • One person, one vote (Offer not valid in Florida)
  • Falwell and Robertson don't speak for me!
  • Extremism in defense of religion is no virtue.
  • Running Microsoft? What do you want to fix today?
  • Legalizing Concealed Weapons would be just fine if stupidity was outlawed  


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